Faye Bryan

After seeing many other therapists, I was introduced to Jay. He has done what all before him had failed to do which was to pinpoint the actual cause of my issue not just look at the area I was experiencing it. I now see Jay once a week as part of a maintenance programme. He always does such an outstanding job.

Police Officer

Katherine Merry

Jay is a star! Got me to the start line of my first half marathon in great shape and helped me recover quickly after! Would highly recommend for a friendly professional service!

Olympic World Record Holder (400m), TV Presenter & Commentator.

Debbie Clark

Working with Jay has literally changed my life. When I first met Jay I was overweight, unhappy and my self-confidence was non-existent. Without doubt, Jay knows his stuff and the simple but effective advice he gave me on food choice were spot on, easy to do and sustainable. Jay takes a personal interest in helping his clients achieve their goals. Using Jay’s services is absolute money well spent. A true inspiration.


Chris Laing

I recently asked Jay to come and have a look at my aching body; I have had a few problem areas, one being my back and the other being my shoulder. Within 1 hour of what can only be described as painful joy both my shoulder and back has considerably eased and with the best range of movement I’ve had for years, additionally over the coming days it continued to loosen and feel much better. I do not hesitate in recommending you to any of my family, friends or clients. Great job, thanks Jay.

Health & Safety Consultant

Paresh Parmar

My uncle Raj; 5 months ago had a mile stroke tyo which he was struggling and still is with the left hand side of his body. Being concered about his condition and talking to Jay about this I booked him in for 5 sessions with Jay to see if he could help.

I spoke with my uncle after his sessions; he said that the service and treamtnet Jay delivered was outstanding and has now helped him as the feeling in his left hand and leg had started to come back. Jay also helped my uncle by removing the tension, discomfort and “knots” in the upper back, shoulder and neck area which has also contributed towards imprived circulation and movement.

I just wanted to thank Jay for his knowledge and experience in delivering the best possible care for my uncle, and have highly recommended Jay to everyone. Cheers Jay!!

Managing Director

Paul Cadman

During my physical career I can honestly say I have broken, torn, twisted and almost detroyed my body. I am constantly in pain the vast majority of time. I visited Jay at his clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham and recieved expert treatment and advice. I have to say immediately after the treatment I could feel relief and movement, pain free. After months of not being able to sleep due to the pain, I slept perfectly after Jay worked his magic.

I can honestly say I can’t recommend Jay of Urban Dynamic highly enough.


Darrel Edwards

Jay has helped a number of people in my network. They have all commented on his knowledge and professionalism, in all cases he found a way to fix the problem they had. He has helped all sorts of different people with a wide range of different problems.

Business Broker

Deepak Padihar

What can i say if magic hands were real Jay has got them. Jay was very professional listend to what the problems were and then targeted them specifically. I left a happy man.


Tom Thompson

Jay treated me, when I had a pain in my back that was stopping me from sleeping at night. Within one session, Jay had diagnosed the problem and treated the symptoms sufficiently to allow a good nights rest.

Thanks Jay, very professional service.


Barry Allaway

Excellent service from Jay at Urban Dynamic. Great environment and facilities in Edgbaston.


Kris Shenoi

As someone who still loves participating in sports and exercise at a competative level, unfortunately I am no longer a Spring Chicken and recovery time, joint discomfort and injury niggles meant that I was not performing to the levels I wanted to and still being a very competitive individual, this was a hard pill to swallow.

I have known Jay for a number of years and approached him with a view to assiting me managing my old muscles on a weekly basis tied in with some measured all round fitness training. We met up and he carried out a consultation where we discussed what I wanted to achieve and in turn he designed a plan to mix deep tissue massage along with a structured, engaging, sustainable and progressive training programme.

I could not believe the effect it had especially on my recovery time as the deep tissue massages ensured that any tight and restricted muscles was released and managed on a weekly basis.

Recently I had a severe knee injury sustained during a charity football match and Jay is now supporting me with the rehabilitation phase, again with outstanding and controlled gains.

Jay, many thanks and I 100% recommend you to colleagues, friends and family.

Top man!!

Managing Director

Nigel Fulker

I employed the services of Jay as a Personal Trainer a year before my sons wedding. Everybody has the natural ability to jog or run, I didn’t. I do now and while it may seem feeble to most I managed to complete 4 x 10K races in 2016 and the same in 2017. Jay did a programme that targeted my weaknessess and our weekly meets were friendly but reassuring. After six weeks we analysed the programme and increased the challenges to include core training. I would recommend Jay and Urban Dynamic for a professional service and provide long term goals through short term results.

HGV Driver