Why Sports Massage Is Important: For Marathon Runners With Desk Jobs

With only 27 days to go you’re approaching the final stages of training, and the pressure and mileage is starting to increase just like the heavy leg sensation you may be feeling.

You’ve put so much time, effort and commitment in over the past few months, the last thing you want now is a little niggle or an injury. The least it would do is totally disrupt your training programme and impact on your run time, and the most it could do is end your marathon running days – something we’d all rather not think about after all it’s taken to achieve the times and distances you’ve completed so far.

However, running more mile that your body is used to (for some, more miles than they’ve ever done before) put significantly greater strain on your muscles and joints than they are used to.

For anyone that has been inconsistent or just simply haven’t bothered with their prehab (movement patterns, stretching, foam rolling and massage) your muscles are more susceptible to tension and you’re more likely to pick up niggles and injuries.

The risk is even greater for anyone with a desk or driving based occupation. This is due to the postural impact of spending several hours sat at a computer, in meetings or driving for prolonged periods of time before or after a run.

As you can see from the image below, a seated position, especially with less than perfect posture will tighten many of the muscles that need to be long for safe and efficient running or training of any kind, and lengthen many of the muscles that need to be tight and engaged.

So What Can Sports Massage Do About This?

  • Sports Massage will relieve and loosen tight muscles and ease any muscle soreness or stiffness. It can also ease any little niggles you may have picked up before they turn into something bigger.
  • Sports Massage will also help you to recover quicker from the impact of your training, enabling you to train more effectively and more often.
  • Sports Massage will help to reset the body to help reverse the muscle imbalances and postural damage that are inevitable as a combined result of exercise and hours of sitting.
  • Sports Massage will support you in maintaining correct running form. Tight, stiff or sore muscles can cause your body to change its running or walking gait to compensate, which in turn, risk injury as the muscles and joints are forced to absorb the load in ways they’re not designed to.

So if you want to do everything you can to ensure all those hours you’ve spent pounding the streets in the cold, wind and rain aren’t wasted, get yourself a sports massage in Birmingham now.

If you’re a regular runner or participate in other forms of exercise, why not make it part of your prehab and recovery protocol to keep your efforts going in the right direction and those injuries away. It’ll help you recover from your last run or gym session and put you in good shape for your next one.

Remember to book your sports massage session for the day before the race and afterwards too. A massage before race day will help stimulate and balance the muscles. A deeper post-race massage will aid recovery, reduce muscle soreness and help you get ready for the next one.