New Year. New You. Right?

The beginning of a new year lends an opportunity to re-evaluate, prioritise and make changes. A New Year’s Resolution is a promise that we make to ourselves to do an act of self-development, to identify new ways to reach our personal and professional goals. Many of these resolutions revolve around Health & Fitness. This is the time of year when many of my clients are resolving to eat less, drink less, exercise more and get a better night’s sleep. In this blog I am going to share some tips for 2019 and how to make those New Year’s Resolutions stick.

New year, new you, right?

Chances are you have recently joined the annual time-to-get-fit club – New Year’s resolution fresh and ready to be tackled. This is great. But, what’s not so great is that the majority of these kinds of resolutions aren’t kept. Many people start falling off the fitness merry-go-round before February.

But you’re not going to be one of them, are you? Nope. Not this year. Because, this year, you’ll find your WHY.

Constant drive 

Goals are great, but continuous motivation is key. Anything from setting daily reminders for healthy behaviours to following fitness blogs, or preparing next day’s workout attire the night before are all great motivation boosters. However, there’s one more trick that not only helps you stay on track, but might even inspire others to find their WHY and join you on the fitness journey; Preparation!

Prepare yourself 

Preparation is as important as setting SMART goals. This is what will keep you organised which will result in greater focus and adherence to your new lifestyle changes and exercise routine. Even simple things like prepping your meals for 2-3 days at a time will make a huge difference for when you inevitably finish work late one night and pass all those fast food establishments on the way home. Remember; By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Share it 

Share your progress, hard work and your results. Show the world your goals and let everyone know when you achieve, and even exceed them! Also, don’t be afraid to share your struggles and failures; let your family and friends help you get through the rough times. When you start sharing your journey with others, you’ll see how the internal pride combined with the external cheers create the perfect mix of motivation and encouragement. This extra motivational boost might just be the deciding factor between giving up on and sticking to your resolutions.

Social is crucial 

Let’s face it, we can’t escape social media today. Various studies show that sharing your fitness journey across social media helps motivate you to keep improving and, eventually, reach your goals. Why? Because showing others where you are and where you want to be creates accountability. It makes you more likely to do what you’ve said you’ll do, with the bonus of getting positive reinforcement from other people cheering you on. This, in turn, also satisfies that craving for social connection most of us possess.

Set a monthly goal

It’s been said that if you do something consecutively for 30 days, it becomes a habit. Also, 30-day challenges are a lot less scary than full-year resolutions. So, take out your phone or a piece of paper and write down your monthly goals. Decide what kind of training habits you want to create and start documenting your way to it. Doing this will help to map out the path to achieving your goals and will also highlight key steps to support you along the way.

Take home tips – Making it stick 

  1. Keep a Journal:  Write down your stretch and SMART goals.  Keep track of your progress. Write about how it felt to accomplish your specific goal for each day.  Consistently remind yourself of your WHY!
  2. Preparation: Plan and organise what you need and when you need it for. Life has a nasty habit of throwing things at us when we least expect it, so let’s be ready for it.
  3. Find a Buddy: Exercising with a friend creates a sense of competition and holds you accountable. Find someone with similar goals and at a similar starting point and plan together to reach your goals! You can also engage with a personal trainer. A personal trainer will help you to set realistic goals, design a tailored and progressive training programme and give you that all important professional and expert motivation and guidance. What’s better is that now its not just you that is accountable, your trainer is too.
  4. Make it Fun!: Find what is fun for you! Some of us enjoy exercising in groups or as part of a class, others enjoy an early morning walk or cycle. Whatever it is, find what is fun for YOU and make that the biggest part of your daily routine but keep in mind that fun doesn’t mean easy – in order to get results, what you do needs to be challenging.

Happy New Year and happy training!