I’m Jay Moore, ex armed forces para-commando, physical training instructor and rehabilitation instructor. Located in the heart of Birmingham, in the leafy suburb of Edgbaston I offer a multi-disciplined solution to your problem. With over 12 year’s experience, I can help you get back to the level of fitness and mobility that suits your lifestyle through soft tissue therapy, injury rehabilitation and personal training.

I know all about setting goals, working through challenges and recovering from injuries which is why I set up Urban Dynamic on leaving the armed forces. I wanted to transfer my passion and experience of health, fitness and longevity on to others.

Urban Dynamic offers clinic or home based soft tissue therapy and personal training to suit all ages, abilities and conditions. Clinic or home based services take out the need for gym fees, are more time efficient for the modern busy people and encourage greater focus, therefore seeing results in shorter amounts of time..



Whatever your need, I have a programme to suit you.



Do you regularly suffer with tight or achy muscles? Do you take part in regular exercise or spend a large amount of the day in a sedentary driving or desk-based job? Maybe you have aches and pains that have been getting you down for a while? If this sounds familiar, soft tissue therapy may be what your body needs.



Injury rehabilitation is a multi-disciplined approach to the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of injuries. The initial stage of treatment involved reducing pain and promoting healing. Once the pain and any swelling has reduced, progressive reconditioning will begin which includes mobility, flexibility, coordination and joint positioning.



Online personal training is the most flexible, convenient and cost-effective way to reach your fitness goals. If you want to exercise where and when it suits you instead of relying on someone else’s location and availability, and at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face personal training, online coaching could be for you.

See how Jay can help you

As a physical training and rehabilitation instructor in the armed forces for 10 years and a veteran of numerous tours of duty in Afghanistan, I saw some horrific injuries. Servicemen and women told they would never walk again, never be able to lift their child or simply throw a ball. However, I was humbled to witness the spirit and sheer dedication of those who simply refused to accept their doctor’s prognosis.

The power of a positive mind should never be overlooked. If you are determined to achieve a goal or change your lifestyle, with the correct support and guidance you can do anything. I have always had a keen interest in exercise and how the body reacts to the things we do every day. I want to pass my knowledge and experience on to others and watch them gain body confidence, whatever their goal. My aim is to use a variety of exercise and treatment methods and work with my clients long-term to maintain the results of their hard work.

Everybody is unique, therefore I believe everyone needs a bespoke, individualised programme or treatment plan to suit their body and lifestyle.

I work alongside a combined team of Olympic Physiotherapists, Pain Management Consultants, Podiatrists, Nutritionists and Private General Practitioners, all of which can be made available to you to help resolve your issue if required.



Would you like to look better by losing weight, improving your fitness or toning up?


Would you like to age better and continue to do the things you enjoy for longer


Would you like to move better, be fully functional and enjoy your health?


Do you suffer from aches and pains, restricted movement, or muscular tension


Are you recovering from an injury or Surgery


Would you like to feel better about yourself, your body and boost your self-confidence

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